Health & Day Care

Health & Daily Care

From mealtimes to vaccines and everything in between, this information will help you establish routines for the day to day needs of your child.

My Community


Special considerations when buying toys for children with special needs.

Establishing Services

Establishing Services

Don't know where to start? Overwhelmed by all the acronyms? Learn how to navigate the system of care and tips on preparing for IEPs.

Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Experts

Our panel of experts combine medical and therapeutic perspectives with years of experience working passionately alongside famiiles and children with special needs.

Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

A library of resources, reference links and easy to print guidelines for you to post on the fridge and share with others!

Love, Laugh & Live


This section is devoted to our amazing moms. It's ok, in fact we encourage you to laugh and develop goals for YOURSELF! Share your secrets of sanity and be encouraged to take time for you!

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* = Required Field is an online community for parents of and professionals serving children with special needs. AbilityPath brings together information, resources and a social network dedicated to encouraging the healthy development of children with special needs.

The inspiration for AbilityPath came directly from parents of and professionals serving children with special needs. Families and professionals agreed that internet searches for were overwhelming and confusing at times. Developmental pediatricians, experienced therapists, special education experts and passionate parents helped guide the development of AbilityPath. Their expertise and first-hand accounts combined with technology provided for a concept to become an informational hub

AbilityPath is a service provided by Community Gatepath, a San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit serving children and adults with special needs. Community Gatepath, founded in 1920, provides resource support to nearly 4,000 families annually and provides early intervention therapies in a warm and welcoming children’s center designed to maximize the development of children. Learn more about Community Gatepath.

AbilityPath is funded through private donations, foundation grant support and from sponsorship support.

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